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In 2014, the Katz Roadshow produced its first AIA Accredited event.

Designed with architects in mind, the Katz Roadshow AIA Better Building Events are unique hands-on carpentry clinics devoted to better building practices—from the jobsite to the architect.

These all-day courses cover traditional installation techniques and evolving construction technologies for modern materials. From understanding wood and moisture content to improved weather resistive barriers, including rainscreen walls and exterior cladding, along with moisture management for storm-proofing roofs, these courses incorporate lessons learned the hard way and leading trends in building science. The clinics closes with a one-hour section on deck design, focusing on code requirements and effective plans for ledgers, railing, and stairs.

These events are a hands-on program, not slideshow-based—our presenters actually do live installations and demonstrations.

To view the schedule of these events, check out our Upcoming Events page and click on the center tab.


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During each break, catch up on the latest tools and materials that will help you improve your bottom line and put a smile on your face while you work.


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The 2014 Katz Roadshow at Hamilton Building Supply in Trenton, NJ was the best architectural construction seminar/expo that I ever attended. The two presenters were informative and entertaining—actually doing "hands on installation" while speaking to us (plus "live" video close-ups for seeing the detail!)—I took 19 pages of notes! I learned a lot that day and look forward to attending the next one.
- Paul Buda, Architect LLC, Hopewell, NJ

I learned in one day what my former employers couldn't teach me in nine years!
- Tyson Berndt, R3 Home Renovation

A huge thanks for the carpentry clinic I attended last year. Mike Sloggatt broke things down and I ended up using so much of what I had learned while building a deck last summer. Without the clinic I might've made a few mistakes. We are in an ever changing business and there is always some other way to do things better, faster, and safer—the right way. Keep up the great work.
- Gordon Wasson, Gordon Wasson Services, Massachusetts

We physically had to kick the contractors out of here because Katz had a plane to catch. We had over 100 contractors and also offered it to our employees who had time to watch. People were spellbound!
- Gary LaChance, Dunn Lumber, Seattle, WA

I can tell you, from the countless hours of reading his books, being there live is just a better version. The difference is that you can "see" what Gary presents in his books. This was very informative when he was using the Collins Coping Foot. Watching Gary use the tool put it all together. The instructions are very good, but you really get a sense of "how" to use the tool when you see it being done.
- Mark Rich, Elite Concepts

My day could not have been spent better!
- Bruce, Illinois

Informative! Better than expected! The Katz Roadshow makes a guy feel good about his profession!
- Mike Boyts, Metzler Remodeling

I learned in one day what my former employers couldn't teach me in nine years!
- Tyson Berndt, R3 Home Renovation

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THISisCarpentry.com, a new e-magazine devoted to craftsmen and craftsmanship. For more than 30 years, he has specialized in finish carpentry working on a wide range of Gary Katzprojects—from tract housing to expansive custom homes; from office tenant improvement to schools and hospitals.

For two decades he has been a frequent contributor to Fine Homebuilding, the Journal of Light Construction, Fine Woodworking, and other leading trade magazines, in addition to moderating JLC's online finish carpentry forum.

Gary's books include The Doorhanger's Handbook (Taunton), Finish Carpentry: Efficient Techniques for Custom Interiors (JLC/Craftsman), and Trim Made Simple (Taunton 2009). His DVD series, Mastering Finish Carpentry, sets the standard for professional video instruction in the construction trades.



demonstrations at JLC Live, The Remodeling Show, IBS, lumberyards, and local NARI events.

He is a frequent contributor to the Journal of Light Construction magazine and writes for Fine Homebuilding and Tools of the Trade, in addition to moderating the JLC Rough Carpentry Forum.

Mike has more than thirty years of experience. He specializes in high-end, challenging remodels near his home on Long Island.



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